What Is Art Therapy

Art Psychotherapy (Art Therapy) is a very safe and contained way of working through difficult and painful issues, at your own pace. You do not need any skill in art to undertake Art Therapy. Art making allows you to express yourself giving you and the therapist clues as to what the sub-conscious mind is holding onto. Art Therapy is wonderful for children and adults, as it is not reliant on verbal communication. As an experienced Art Therapist, I will help you to freely express yourself using art. I will work with you to begin to process and make sense of the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing. Your relationship with me as your therapist and with the art materials will give you a way of communicating, as you safely express and explore your inner world. You may use iPads and digital art making if you prefer as part of the therapy. I am trained in EDMR and can offer this as part of a therapy plan.

How Art Therapy Can Help

Art Therapists have a considerable understanding of different art processes, which is underpinned by a sound knowledge of therapeutic practice and theory. I believe fundamentally that the therapeutic process is a creative one. Art Therapy allows you the space and time to explore issues that are brought into sessions. It is not an easy process, but it is a rewarding one. I believe that the past has an influence on the presence and in turn, the future and that there needs to be a healthy relation between these elements for us to live in balance. By exploring your world together, we can make sense of difficult and traumatic experiences. Art Therapists can work with individuals and with groups (this could be a family group). It is important to have an hour assessment session to see if Art Therapy would be helpful to you. Then clients come once a week at the same time and place. Since the COVID 19 pandemic I have been working with clients using online platforms and will continue to offer this to those who prefer to use it.
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